Every donationcounts

Donations are possible online, by direct debit or by bank transfer.

Your donation helps

Without financial support, our work in conflict areas wouldn´t be possible. That´s why we are very grateful for your donation. With these means we start emergency programs for refugees or we are able to finance local projects.

Your donation is possible via bank transfer, debit, or you can use the online form mentioned below.

Sponsorship for projects

If you would like to support a particular project, there is also the possibility of a sponsorship. A monthly donation of a self-determined amount is a good chance to help continiously where you want to help.

Please add to your bank transfer as a keyword the country and the chosen project that your donation should benefit to.

Donations via bank transfer

Sparkasse Mittelfranken-Süd
IBAN DE68 7645 0000 0430 0001 17

Donations with Amazon smile

Do you order from amazon from time to time?

Why not via AmazonSmile – doesn’t cost a thing for you, but for us it brings some Pennys. Amazon donates 0,5% of your purchase value for the organization of your choice. Peanuts – but not if everyone does that!


Donations via PayPal

It’s that easy:

  1. Select amount and whether monthly or once
  2. Enter name and email
  3. click to be forwarded to Paypal …
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