Medical Points

Dr. Adnan Wahoud was born in Syria, he completed his studies and dissertation in Germany and worked as an engineer in ‘research and development’ for Dornier in Lindau. He retired to spend more time in helping his fellow citizens in Syria. He developed the concept for his medical points of which there are 7 at the moment in northern Syria.


  • Free supply with medication and basic health care.
  • Purchasing medication which is still available in Syria and much cheaper than in the EU.
  • Local and free premises (abandoned medical practices for example).

The medical points are financed by private donations and companies. Each medical point is named after its main sponsoring city, for example there are three medical points named Lindau (Lindauhilfe). Other cities are Roth and Krumbach .


Dr. Wahoud visits the medical point every 4 – 6 weeks.
Purpose of the trips: salary payments, purchase of medication, needs assessment, council, planning and controlling.

The project ‘Medical Point Roth’ is mostly financed by the campaign ‘Each citizen gives one Euro’ by the tax office of Roth. Please find further information on and


Number of medical points: 6
Local staff: 6 doctors, 6 pharmacists, 9 nurses, 2 midwives, a cleaning staff of 6 persons, 6 administrative employees
Patients per month (April 2016): 1148, 61% children
Expenditure per month: wages, medication 2.000€


  • Project management: Dr. Adnan Wahoud

  • Financial controlling: Christin Bauernfeind