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  • Emergency aid for orphans


Emergency aid for orphans

The longer the Syrian war is going on, the clearer and more visible the need becomes that families are in. Many fathers died, went missing in prisons or are untraceable. Every passing day, the chances to find them decrease. When the savings are exhausted, mothers barely have a chance to earn money for food, clothing or even utensils needed for school.

The only thing we can do right now: providing money. Therefore the members of KKNH founded a fund for mothers and their children as well as for orphans. Specifically for this fund we collect donations. It is very easy: The more donations we can collect, the better we can support women and children.

Our Concept:
A woman whose husband is missing or died or who is taking care of orphans receives a monthly basic amount of 40 US$. Additionally she receives 10 US$ per month for every child she is taking care of. Even in Syria it is little money but it is enough to keep her and the kids heads above water. Dr. Wahoud again is in charge here. He takes care that the money is given to needy people.


  • Project management: Dr Adnan Wahoud

  • Fundraising: Angelika Steuer

  • Financial controlling: Christin Bauernfeind