• Pakistan


  • form of government: parliamentarian democracy with two-chamber system
  • area: 796,000 square kilometers
  • capital: Islamabad, more than 1 million citizens (estimated with the census 1998)
  • population: between 175 and 195 million inhabitants (estimated with the census 1998)
  • national language: Urdu, English
  • climate: continental

Pakistan after the earthquake 2005

The Earthquake of the century claims ten thousands of deaths:
“The earthquake, October 8 2005, destroyed an area with more than 30,000 square kilometers – an area as big as Northern – Westphalia. The center of the earthquake was near to the city of Muzaffarabad in the part of the Kashmir region controlled by the Pakistani.

Regarding to official information 84.000 people died in Pakistan, the number is calculated on the people who went missing. The government assumes that more than 100.000 people died during the earthquake.
(Source: Spiegel online).

Facts on the project

Time of construction: 2007 - 2013
Total construction costs: 8000 €
Capacity of the school in Kolej: 120 children
Capacity of the school in Tatapani 1: 50 children
Capacity of the school in Tatapani 2: 70 children
Maintenance per year: 250 – 300 €

Project responsibility

  • Project management: Theophil Steuer

  • On-site project management: Ghulam Nabi Raikoti

  • Financial controlling: Christin Bauernfeind