The children of Bungoma are – as everywhere in the world – the weakest members in society. A godparenthood can help that a hopeless childhood turns into a happy one with future prospects.

Even 30 Euros per month can make that happen. With this amount, school, two meals, the school uniform and materials can be paid, as well as basic health care.

The local members of KKNH check the family circumstances of every godchild regularly. If required the families receive additional food or are supported by furniture and household objects. A professional and repeated counselling concerning social issues and hygiene.

How to become a sponsor?

It is really easy. You can send us a e-mail, a postal card or call our office. Shortly after that you will receive further information as well as a recommendation for a godchild. Within the first letter you will also get a short report and a photo of your godchild.

Further informations

Please note that if you decide for a godparenthood you do not accept a legal obligation. You can decide for the duration of your support based on your wish and possibility to do so. With an informal letter towards us you can end your godparenthood any time. Of course we will try to find a new godparent.

The dues as well as other donations are fully deductible of tax. Deposit and transfer slips of less than 200 euros are sufficient to the tax office. Certainly you will receive a donation receipt for donations more than 200 euros.