• Kenya


  • form of government: presidential republic
  • area: 580,367 square kilometers
  • capital: Nairobi, approx. 3.5 million citizens
  • population: 45 million inhabitants (2014)
  • national language: English, Kiswahili
  • climate: tropical (coast), arid and semi-arid (North, North-East), subtropical (highlands, center)

Bungoma County

  • area: 2,069 square kilometers
  • district’s capital: Bungoma population: approx. 1.4 million inhabitants
  • climate: subtropical

Bungoma County is located next to the border of Uganda in the western highlands next to the equator. In Kenya about 50 percent of the population lives below poverty line. About one quarter does not have even one US-Dollar per day. 60 percent of the capital’s population lives in slums.

In Bungoma County as well, you can see extreme poverty and famine. AIDS, unemployment, death of one parent destroy a whole family. Neither education, nor health care is affordable. Due to these facts we run several projects in this region.

Project responsibility

  • Overall management: Theophil Steuer

  • Project management: Angelika Steuer

  • Local project management: Miriam Buchner, Micheal Langnat, Linnet Jimmy

  • Godparenthoods: Claudia Schneck, Linnet Jimmy

  • Financial controlling: Christin Bauernfeind