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Completed Projects

Emergency aid Nepal: Water for Maghi Gaun

Maghi Gaun is a small village in the district of Nuwakot high above the biggest river Trisuli that has a very fertile but dry soil.

The problem is that up there is no water. The water had to be dragged up there. The men of the village are working too far away during the week and the women have to do the fieldwork, the laundry, and the cooking. The women have no time. The kids had to leave school earlier every day so they could drag water from the spring 120 m below the village’s level to the village.

Since there is electricity in the village, we installed pumps and water pipes so the water of the spring that provides 7,000 l per hour can be transported to the village.
Result: The kids are back in school for the whole day.

School in Rathankot

Due to the latest earthquake the old school in Rathankot is in danger of collapsing and beyond repair. We built a new school that includes ten class rooms, a library with work stations for computers and a teacher’s room. Now they also can take in the students from Upper-Rathankot where the school has been destroyed completely.

At the moment there are five teachers in the village. For the new school three new teachers will be needed but the municipal administration will not cover the costs.  A project is planned that foreign teachers come as volunteer to Rathankot to support the local teachers.

Facts on the project

Start of construction: 2016, completion of the fist building april 2017
Total construction costs: 87,000 €
Capacity of the new school: 120 children


  • Project management: Theophil Steuer
  • On-site project management: Karma Lama
  • Financial controlling: Christin Bauernfeind